Electro-Galvanized Wires

Electro-Galvanized Wires Manufacturers

Our company does not compromise on quality of their wire related products, and therefore we offer one of our best quality Electro galvanized wire. This electro galvanised wire is made by wire drawing which is followed by heat treatment and electro galvanising. The zinc coating applied on the wires varies from 8 -25 gm/.m2, and The UTS ranges from 400 to 700 N/MM2. These wires are mainly used in Chicken Mesh, Filters, Staples, cloth hook, spiral, Flattening etc. Diameter of Electro Galvanized wires ranges from 0.40 mm to 1.60**mm. We are also reckoned as one of the leading electro galvanized wire manufacturer.

We also make best and reliable quality of low carbon wire which is used for different application purpose like weaving of meshes, making of nails and ropes, also binding in construction.

General Introduction:
Panchsheel Manufactures only Tested Qlty Electro wires Thru Electro Galvanising Process.

The Zinc Coating varies from 8 -25 gm/.m2.. The UTS ranges from 400 to 700 N/MM2.

It is cheapest alternative available in Galvanised wire.

Diameter : Range 0.50 mm to 1.60**mm.
Uses : Chicken mesh, filters , staples, flatenning etc

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