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Our company stands at a distinction from others when it comes to offering best quality stitching wire products. We manufacture stitching wire that is rust free and highly in demand in the market now days. We offer our clients with best and premium quality wire and we are also proud to say that we are one of the leading stitching wire manufacturers in India.

We assure to produce wires and wire products that are totally rust free, eco-friendly and breakless, thereby increasing the life of stitching machines and their parts. Aside from manufacturing and exporting flat stitching wire for corrugated boxes, we also offer our clients with high and reliable quality of book binding wire stitching.

General Introduction:
Panchsheel Stitching Wire for exports only performs beyond therange of any alternatives you may be using.

Versatility Our wire functions flawlessly in both regular and loop stitching applications. It’s available in bright finish with zero tolerance for specialty work.

Performance resists breaking and provides better bending and forming characteristics. Works well in all automatic & imported stitching machines.

Quality Our clean, bright finish is free of excess oil and dirt,so your operators experience trouble-free de-spooling and reduced maintenance requirements.

Consistency Consistent tensile strength. Consistent wire size. Consistent and uniform coating. It all adds up to a more consistent operation.

Lead-Free Passed RoHs tests. Perfect for Children's books

Packing in spool from for high speed automatic stitching machine.

Application : Used mainly for book binding and print finishing eg. magazines, periodicals.

Size (in swg) Roll Weight (kgs) Appearance Packing
18 2.0kg/5/15/40kg Round, Clean, Shinning, As per customers specification
19 2.0kg/5/15/40kg 2.5kg/15kg
20 2.0kg/5/15/40kg /15kg
21 2.0kg/5/15/40kg
22 2.0kg/5/15/40kg
23 2.0kg/5/15/40kg
24 2.0kg/5/15/40kg
26 2.0kg/5/15/40kg

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