Book Binding Stitching Wire

PANCHSHEEL offers a wide range of coated Book Binding Stitching Wire wire. We offer our clients with best and premium quality wire and we are also proud to say that we are one of the leading stitching wire manufacturers in India SINCE 1970.

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Carton Stitching Wire

Our company has carved a niche in manufacturing and exporting flat stitching wire, which maintains good corrosion protection due to eco-friendly surface coating for all kinds of box stapling.. These stitching wires are the cheapest quality available & used majority due to economic viability.

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100% Rust free Stitching Wire

As the name suggest these stitching wires offer 100% guarantee of rustiness after stitching. Its widely used for boxes which require 100% mental peace for rustiness after stitching.

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Galvanized Wires

PANCHSHEEL is the leading manufacturers of Galvanized Wires in Mumbai Since 1970. Its available in Hot dip and electro grade.

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